A game Universe
in the Metaverse

We're building blockchain games everyone can play. Welcome to board games in the metaverse.

Welcome to the YOLO Dice Games Universe.

Creators and communities welcome

We're providing tools for creators to join in creating game elements across all levels. And we'll be working with other DAOs and communities to create custom implementations and integrations.

A board game universe on the blockchain

We’re on a mission to make the world's best blockchain board games. Games that are not constrained by rules or existing game mechanics, but instead are shaped directly by community voting on the features they want the most.

Built with 100% composable elements

Each element in the games is built to be used in other games in the universe. Create an avatar? Take it around. A board position? Play it in a different game.The only limitation is your imagination.

Join the Dice Club

Owners of the original 3636 dice form the Dice Club. These members have special benefits including:

Decorative image of 2 dice standing in front of yellow hexagon
  • Free items from the YOLO Dice Universe. For life.
  • Discounts on items in the YOLO Dice Universe according to Access Level
  • Early access and automatic whitelisting on NFT drops and other products
  • Voting on community and game development decisions
  • Access to prizes in the YOLO Discord and Community
  • Periodic airdrops of the $CHIPS utility token
  • ... and many more!

Our First Game

decorative graphic with Everworlds logo with purple background and green lightning

In deep space, a beacon drifts slowly, transmitting a radio signal far into the endless dark.

The beacon is not sentient; it has no memories of its narrow escape from the surface of Sphir, its homeworld, a hundred days prior.

Scars from the Great Flattening decorate its sides, glowing warmly in the light of the system’s sun. The beacon’s programming has only one directive: to broadcast a message, over and over again:

Stay away. We did not mean to uncover it. You will be annihilated.

Multiple gameplay options

Everworlds is a strategy turn-based game where players aim to protect their turf, conquer territory and take leadership on the board.

Everworlds will have multiple play modes —
battle royale, PvP and team mode.

Win games, earn $CHIPS

Each gamer will be able to use their NFTs to earn $CHIPS by mining their positions, or conquering territory.

In addition, you will be able to craft custom NFTs from resources on the map. Those NFTs will only be able to be created by players.

What you'll need to play

base graphic

A Base on Sphir

A base is a position on the board. You can start with one or multiple, and your aim is to conquer more during each game.

Minting is free for Dice Club Members.

Launching November 17
avatar icon

A Dice Head

You'll carry your avatar through the Dice Universe. Express your personality and clan affiliation through our customizable avatars.

Base models free for Dice Club Members.

Launching Late December
base icon

Base Tools

Defend your base, attack other bases and mine for $CHIPS with base tools. You'll have a choice of tools to combine in every round.

Minting details to be announced soon.

Launching January